YP037: Reformation 500 – Faith Alone

How can a man or woman be made right with God? This week the Yanks take on the topic of Sola Fide, or faith alone, one of the major tenets of the protestant reformation. Advertisements

YP035: Reformation Matters

This week the Yanks banter back and forth about the genesis, significance and continuing importance of reformation.

YP034: Spiritual Gifts & The Church

The Yanks cross the line of decorum and good taste to tackle the eternally important issue of spiritual gifts and the Church. Join Todd & Nate as they talk through what it means to use your gifts for the glory of God, and to see His Kingdom push back the darkness in New England and…

YP033: Out of Context – Romans 8:28

In this week’s time of sacred gathering; the Yanks take on the most holy of texts that is used in the most inappropriate times. Romans 8:28, the “don’t worry, be happy” verse is lovingly nudged back into its place within the canon of scripture and the world is set aright, yet again.