YP047: What about Charity?

In this episode of the Pilgrim; Todd & Nate talk about what they are working through from the pulpit at Christmastime, and ways to be charitable during this Advent season. Also, Chick Fil A. Advertisements

YP046: What about Advent?

Todd & Nate get together to catch up about Advent.  What is it, and how we can celebrate it to grow closer to our Savior?    

YP045: What about Santa?

In this very special Christmas episode of the Yankee Pilgrim, Jacob Marley (Todd) and Ebenezer Scrooge (Nate) talk about what to do with Santa and all the other fantasy stuff that surrounds the Christmas season. Also food.

YP044: All Frothed Up – A Holiday Special

In this very special Thanksgiving day episode, Todd & Nate talk about how Christians get all frothed up over the holidays. So sit back, grab a turkey leg and enjoy the show! Happy Thanksgiving!  

YP042: A Call To Repentance

In this sobering episode of the Pilgrim, Todd & Nate talk about our great and desperate need for repentance as a Church and as a nation.

YP041: Reformation 500 – Solus Christus

This week the Yanks continue the Reformation 500 series by unpacking the idea of Solus Christus. Nate has a run in with a fly. Todd talks about just how old he really is.

YP040: Reformation 500 – Sola Scriptura

In this 40th episode of the Yankee Pilgrim, Todd & Nate learn how to insult like only Martin Luther could. They even get around to talking about the importance of Sola Scriptura.

YP037: Reformation 500 – Faith Alone

How can a man or woman be made right with God? This week the Yanks take on the topic of Sola Fide, or faith alone, one of the major tenets of the protestant reformation.